17-hole Bridge

17-hole BridgeBeijing enjoys a lot of historical sites, the 17-hole Bridge in Summer Palace is famous one among Beijing famous bridges; the 17-hole Bridge and Marco Polo Bridge both are very famous in Beijing tour. The Marco Polo Bridge is typical representation of Beijing Fengtai attractions; tourists in Fentai cannot miss the Marco Polo Bridge travel. Spread with a tag line in Beijing: Marco Polo Bridge of Lions – countless. In fact, the Summer Palace in the 17-hole bridge, more than 500 carved stone lions, the lions than the Marco Polo Bridge more than a good dozen too!

17-hole Bridge is a long bridge which is connecting the east bank and the South Lake Island. Qing Emperor Qianlong (1736 a 1795) ordered to build. It is the largest stone bridge inside the Summer Palace Park. Bridge formed by the 17-hole coupon, 150 meters long, flying at Tung Chung and the South Lake Island, Zhuangruo Changhong lying wave. Its shape both enjoys the bridge treasure features Beijing Marco Polo Bridge and Suzhou Bridge. That seventeen coupons hole on top is carved with white marble stone lions stone railings, it looks like a rainbow, the earth and Penglai linked. According to the Summer Palace landscape, Kunming Lake in the garden covers an area of ​​the Park about 3 / 4.

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